modernista baby blanket

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The joy of this baby blanket. So uber-modern, so sleek, not a hint of lace in sight. Oh I love it. It was hard to let it go and send it off to it's new owner, brand new baby Theo in New Zealand.

block stitch baby blanket.jpg

I had always wanted to try a block stitch blanket after seeing Alessandra's beautiful, colourful (and a bit ginormous!) version. Ale also has a really well written block stitch afghan pattern to follow, I thought that this meant I should just go for it, in other words, no excuses Potter!

block stitch baby blanket.jpg

The stitch pattern is zen and methodical, quite dreamy to hook with repetitive rows so no brain required. We binge watched Battlestar Galactica whilst I made it, perfect evening entertainment; hook in hand and frakking being used as a swear word on the telly, I'm missing cylon warfare already.

The pattern is such that It immediately looks flat even along the edges (I love a blanket that behaves itself) and the snuggly baby yarn was, as always, a dream to work with. I went through my usual creative thought process when making it though, it goes something like this, which I saw on Reannon's blog the other day.

creative thought process.jpg

Immediate recognition of my own creative process right there in pink and white.

Every single thing I make or design has it's shit phase, sometimes the shit phase goes on for ages, sometimes the colour choice will bug me and bug me until I think I'm going mad, sometimes the shit phase never goes away. With the modernista it was the black; was the black a good idea? does black bring anything to the party? is there any place for the colour black in a new baby's life?

Well let me tell you kids, I'm bringing black back as a colour for babies to wear, although I think Kim Kardashian already did this with baby North's entirely black fashionista wardrobe, black is the new, erm, baby pink??

block stitch baby blanket.jpg

More info, details, and modernista chit chat available on Ravelry.

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