malta - a love story

Oh it's taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. We had such a rotten summer here in Blighty (I mean it was really bad) and so a holiday in the sun with the heat, the sea, the heavenly smell of sunkissed skin, had to be relished, savoured, fully enjoyed. We've drifted back to reality here in the Potter house, the suntan might be fading (well on Betsy anyway, cos I just went a pale biscuity colour), but we are still very much sitting here with our hearts in Malta.

Autumn finally arriving yesterday spurred me into action, reminded me that I actually (erm, hello) have a blog. Things have changed so much over the summer, this year I have gone from occasionally designing a crochet pattern (usually on a wine-induced whim), to being an almost full-time freelance crochet designer. I am a freelance crochet designer! I mean, this is the best freaking thing ever isn't it?

Clearly (and I kid you not), this has led to huge changes in my scheduling, my planning skills have been put to the test like never before, my filofax can NOT handle the biz that I whizz (ha! I'm SO down with the kids) and I have had to employ the joy that is Trello. Do you Trello? It is a life-saver, you can create boards and cards and plan and prioritise and basically make some serious freelance shiz happen whilst dealing with an increasingly clever, demanding (and very cute) toddler.

But Malta. Let me tell you that it is lovely. So laid back, so charming, give me a high street mostly made up of hand-made signs and fresh fruit and vegetables out front and I'm happy. Like France last year I appreciated the lack of branded shit, the lack of big-names, the joy of shops devoted entirely to detergent (yes, yes, we did see this), although you get to Valletta and find yourself (if you are me), a bit disappointed to see Marks and flipping Spencer and Monsoon, this is not the norm.

The norm is cities and town made entirely from pale sandstone, pretty doors, pretty windows, an abundance of flowers and a distinct lack of people. Oh thank my lucky stars that I got to holiday somewhere not infested with swarms of people, Malta's entire population is way less (WAY, like millions less) than the population of London. That is bliss right there kids, an island of heavenly people lack.  Go there now.

Only trouble is I'm a bit unsuited to the incredible heat! That might be a problem, yeah?

ps. I'm at 62% on my fundraising for Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), please donate and enter my raffle to win my beloved (and rather gorgeous) bon bon baby blanket.