invest in yourself


I suppose my timing could be better given that we are now in that panicky run-up to Christmas where all you can think about is getting the right present for everybody else.

But I'm not here to talk about investing in the latest handbag, perfume or shoes (although if you find a nice pair of yellow shoes you absolutely have to buy them!), I'm talking about investing in you.

You are your most valuable asset.

You are in charge of that asset; how you feel, what you do, what and who you allow. Without a sound and continuous investment, you (the real you) will slowly wither away and die. Then the needs, wants and expectations of everyone else will fill up the empty space left and take precedence in your life.

That's not the way it's meant to be people. By all means be a kind and caring and helpful individual, in fact YES do it, but not at the expense of your own self.

My approach to investing in myself? I treat it like a job, the bestest and most important job in the world. I get up, show up and put on my lipstick, there's work to be done.

Here are some ways you can invest in you:

  • sit on your backside with a cup of tea and read an inspirational book

  • really loudly and obnoxiously listen to your favourite music

  • organise your diary (or diaries if you're anything like me)

  • do some exercise (you can't get away from it, even a walk round the block is better than nothing)

  • go to the hairdressers/opticians/dentist (or anyone else you have been avoiding or to busy to get around to)

  • watch a happy film, my particular favourite is Love, Actually, the bit with Andrew Lincoln when he knocks on Keira's door *swoons

  • write in your journal, make some wishes, write some lists, expect them to come true

  • be grateful for blessings already on the way, because there are loads of them flying at you right now

  • clear out a cupboard and get rid of loads of old stuff you don't wear, use or like anymore (you can do this exercise with people too, it works a treat)!

You might be thinking that I've gone quite mad and we all look after ourselves quite well enough, thank you very much. But the thing is, we don't. Our society frowns on self-love, it is deemed an inappropriate quality when time could be better spent investing in others. But I think that's rubbish, ridiculous old-fashioned, make yourself feel bad and guilty and small and horrible crap. The only person fit for the job of being you is you and nobody else can do it for you so you could say (if you are not completely insane) that the investment really is worth it.

When you feel loved and invested in you will see things from a brighter perspective. If you can't be arsed then at least clear out a cupboard, you would be amazed at how good it feels to throw shit away.

 // source pinterest //

// source pinterest //

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Do you invest? Are you a secret hoarder with cupboards rammed full of useless shit? Tell me all your secrets..