I swear


And I really fucking love it.

Nothing like a well placed, perfectly formed swear word. It's my inner child still trying to rebel after all these years. It wants to make up for all the times, all the places that I wasn't allowed to swear. With my parents, at school, at work, on the train, blah, blah, blah, shit, fuck, shit, fuck, shit, fuck.

I like inappropriate swearing the best. My favourite piece of inappropriate swearing is in Love Actually when Natalie meets the Prime Minister for the first time.  "Shit, I can't believe I've just said that, and now I've gone and said shit. Twice", brilliant. You can't beat Hugh Grant following that up with a good British fuck either.

 image source Betty Turbo on Etsy, click through to link to her shop

image source Betty Turbo on Etsy, click through to link to her shop

I don't see the problem with cussing, studies have shown that it's actually good for you and a jolly good way to let off some emotional steam. I just find it funny, people who swear make me laugh and people who don't make me feel slightly uncomfortable. Researching this blog post had me in stitches, anything sweary makes me hoot, fuck is possibly the bestest most funniest word in the English language.

We've had to start watching what we say now with Betsy because I was talking about her blumming dinosaurs the other day and now she calls them 'blumming dinosaurs' rather than plain old dinosaurs and whilst it makes me smile, I'm so bloody glad I chose a tame word that time. I do have fears of her going into nursery and saying an inappropriate fuck or two. It's going to happen, I've no doubt about it but let it happen when she is at least in junior school, when her friends (or their parents) can be blamed.

The point of this rambling, sweary post is that having stifled my natural tendency to swear for so long, I decided last year that if I was going to blog authentically then I should speak like me, not like some acceptable, toned down version of me. A number of people have mentioned to me that I've got a bit sweary on my blog, and I'm like 'fuck yeah! good eh?'

I'm not entirely sure why anybody would be surprised, I'm a naturally sweary person, not a day goes by without a good shit, bollocking, arse! Rather than believe that it ruins speech, or is common as muck, I think it adds to our beautiful language. In a world where all the words are still not enough to describe so many things, for how can twenty six poxy letters be adequate, then I don't believe we should limit the use of those we do have for fear of offending others.

 image copyright Jeremy Chin

image copyright Jeremy Chin

Now, enough of all this bad girl shit I've got crocheting to do.