how to deal with those unproductive days

unproductive days.jpg

Seriously. I have been having way too many of these days recently.

You know the ones I mean. The ones where you can't quite seem to focus on anything for long enough to get a single thing done. The days where you go upstairs to get something and end up picking up some laundry or sitting on the bed, flicking though a book, putting some lippy on and half an hour later you return to your desk not able to remember what it was you went upstairs for in the first place. The days when you feel slightly uncomfortable and gidgy in your own skin. The ones where you just want to sit in front of Fresh Prince repeats all day, reminiscing about the early 1990s (so brown lipstick, so bad hair), eating malted milks, enjoying Carlton dancing.

Yeah those.

I find that I get quite annoyed with myself when I'm in 'fanny about' mode. It's irritating to not get stuff done, I hate wasting time, so Type A, so blah. Getting annoyed with yourself is the single most stupidest thing you could do on an unproductive day, it just makes you even more flustered. I know this to be true, I've had to stop being such a bitch to myself. I've found that if I just roll with the scatter-minded one then I don't feel like such a loser. Here are my super wise and successfully untried tips for being nice to yourself when you're acting like a donut (I felt only the americanah spelling would do in this context, you with me?).

  • Just go with it. Trust yourself and do what you can. If that's just feeding the dog, toddler and husband, then fine, you have done well, you have nourished your family and that makes you a superhero. I find relaxing into the flow of your (scatty) self helps; I'm here, I can't be arsed to get off the sofa, all is well with the world. Joy.
  • Small goals will make you feel more productive. You don't need to build Rome today, just maybe sweep the floor a bit. I also find surrendering to the lure of the internets works. Usually I would be horrified to spend hours surfing and doing sod all but some good can come out of it, even if it's just a good laugh at a cat in a vase. Remember kids, laughing is good for you, it counts as a goal.
  • Watch something rubbish on the telly. See Fresh Prince above but also acceptable is Cash in the Attic, Ice Loves Coco and A Place in the Sun - all good learning adventures. Remember that Loose Women will never, ever be acceptable. Do not watch that crap.
  • Forgive yourself (especially if you've only gone and watched Loose Women). You are awesome, you don't have to be the queen of the world every single day so just be thankful for small things and get your crown polished ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow you will take over the world. Totally.