how I schedule my week, month and year


Lets face it scheduling is one of those things you either love or hate. Some people hate the idea of planning their day, week, month and as for planning a whole year, forgetaboutit!

I live in the former camp, I plan the arse of my year and I love it! I know what I'm going to be doing in June, in September and pretty much can guarantee to the day what I'm going to be wearing, eating and writing about. Last year was my first year of shit hot planner magic and now I'm going to share my tips for getting the most out of 2015.

year plan - some people might baulk at the thought of planning out a whole year but it needn't be as scary as it sounds (or as restrictive). I find it helps give me an idea what I need to be focusing on in each month. First I map out the quarters of the year and give the quarter an overall theme, for example in jan/feb/mar we are going to be getting our house ready for sale so we need to focus on that (big time)! Then I map out each month and decide what I think we/I need to focus on and I make sure I split this up into home/family/work/personal to make sure I'm not going off in a crazy direction with one thing when I supposed to be concentrating on another. So for January I have scheduled:

  • home - get front room damp problem sorted (exciting, no?)
  • family - look for a nursery for Betsy
  • work -  get ahead of myself with editorial after a two week (and rather delicious) break
  • personal - annual hair cut (yes I am that low maintenance).

month plan - then I get more specific, giving each month a vibe all of it's own. Is January for planning, relaxing or working? (planning, um, like obvs). Then I decide what it is I need to achieve, how I'm going to make it happen and add in other random things like holidays, celebrations, must see tv (do not mock, if I miss the final few episodes of Mad Men I will cry an actual river). This way I have an idea of what should be going on during the year and I can boss my peoples around accordingly.

week plan - this is the rambo of all scheduling, the optimus prime of my life. Every week on a Sunday I plan out everything that needs to be done during the week and when I'm going to do it. I do this for my family/personal life in one diary, and again in my blog editorial calendar. I need to be super dorky about what I'm going to do and when and so I schedule it all into my google calendar and set up alerts so I can't loose focus or forget. This might sound a tad military but remember that:

  1. I went to boarding school where life revolved around a strict schedule so I'm hardwired to behave this way, and
  2. I've got a toddler who consumes virtually all time, she is like a time eater with a voracious appetite.

Consequently I have tiny chunks of time where I can get shit done. Twenty minutes whilst she eats her breakfast and I can plan/action a week's worth of social updates, two hours whilst she naps and I can write a lot, a really lot, and so on. Breaking your day down into chunks is all for the win when you are in charge of a small person.

And that is how I do it. Planner magic right there kids, now go forth and schedule like it's hot.


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