I've always wanted to go to, host, or just be bloody well invited to an american style, full on, fancy dress Halloween party. A bit like the one at the end of Donnie Darko. I would go as a pumpkin. It would be fun. I would hold my big pumpkin belly when I laughed and be jolly, round and orange.


Instead, I get to spend Halloween with a two year old. There could be nothing better. Having a kid gives you the perfect excuse to have a bit of, guilt free, spooky fun. We've purchased much more useless Halloween tat than is acceptable in normal society. 


And crocheted a whole load of spooky tat too. Of bloody course!

Who could fail to be scared of Barry the Bat?

 I vill suck your blood..mwah ha ha!

I vill suck your blood..mwah ha ha!

We are having a party, so we're not entirely Halloween humbugs. It's more of a jolly for the girl, who will be reluctantly dressing as a pumpkin. Yes, she hates her costume, screamed her head off trying it on and all the while, there's me coveting it, wishing it was me resplendent in orange, she has no idea how lucky she is! So 2014 Halloween outfit. Pumpkin. YES!

 is this IT?

is this IT?

In 2012 she wore a random (but very cute) spooky onesie. And she was tiny, literally a few weeks old. We dressed her up anyway and paraded her in front of the neighbours who were all extremely impressed with her curly toes.  


In 2013 she was Frankenstein. Still little, but scarily mobile and having the ability to terrorise! Tilly was speechless!


My outfit is sorted. As a sensible adult with no pumpkin outfitters in the immediately area and no desire to don polyester slutty witch outfits, I went down the spider on me head route. Halloween sorted.

 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!