five ways to kick start your year (and not a diet in sight)


I love that brand new year feeling, I get excited about everything to do with it. Like an overenthusiastic puppy I'm jumping around with joy at the thought of filling new diaries, calendars, setting resolutions, choosing a word, planning each quarter, each month, setting a theme for the year, getting happy about what the year is going to hold.

I find January to be a great month for getting off your butt and making shit happen, and here are five quick and easy ways to help you start as you mean to go on.

1.  be positive. start your year with the belief that it's going to be a good year and you're half way there. I think we naturally tend towards positive thoughts in January (oh the possibilities), so maximise these good vibes, keep them going, incorporate them into your plans, your dreams, your goals.

2.  make resolutions. or set intentions if you don't like the strict and itchy feeling of a resolution. Decide now what it is you want to achieve this year, write that shit down and go make it happen yo!

3.  plan your year. plot it, plan it, organise the arse off it, this year is your oyster. Decide right now what it is you want to be doing in February, May, in September. Plan how you're going to get there, what you need to do to get there, how brilliant it's going to make you feel and what colour knickers you're going to be wearing when it happens. Knicker visualisation is the new zen!.

4.  be conscious. know that in order to make your dreams come true you need to focus on your dreams and not anybody else's. This means not drifting along at the mercy of other peoples plans, not being a best supporting actress to your best friend, your boyfriend or your parents story. Do it for yourself, you are the leading lady, this is your life story, act like it.

5.  try something new. all the best things in my life have come from trying something new, something perhaps a little scary, a bit difficult. Online dating (I met my husband), journaling (I met myself), crocheting (I met my twelve year old creative self). It might be something you've always wanted to do, something silly, funny or difficult, it doesn't matter what it is, go do it. What's the worst that can happen? 


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