five reasons to start now


1. There is literally no time like the present. The past doesn't exist anywhere but in your mind, the future is a fuzzy world of make believe that you are creating for yourself right now. So create something awesome, do something fun, make the most of now, it's all you have. A good plan is to first decide what it is you want, write that shit down and then work on getting it every single bloody day until you do. 

2. In a year's time you'll wish you started today. Oh how I love these beautiful, perfect words, these are the words that gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get into gear with this blog. And not only this blog project but other adventures too; home, life, health, happiness, a world of adventure awaits you. Just visualise yourself this time next year having achieved your target. Imagine the look on your face in one year's time if you start today, imagine what you can accomplish. I tell you what, from my own experience, you can achieve one heck of a lot in twelve months. Also, to amuse yourself, imagine your face this time next year if you don't.

3. Do it now because sometimes later becomes never. Ah procrastination, you used to be my best friend didn't you? Then I gave you the flick for my good friend persistence and I've never looked back. The thing is with waiting (for summer, a boyfriend, a new job, a new you, whatever!), is that is allows doubt to creep in and once that old curmudgeon is in your neural pathways you are doomed my friend, doomed. Just do it, right now, whatever (or whoever) it is you fancy, go and DO IT. 

4. If not now then when? So my procrastination piece didn't inspire you to go and ask Debbie in accounts out on a date? Well when will you then? At some future, as yet unspecified time probably. I'm right huh. I completely understand, I do. Life is good, you feel in control, you don't want the scent of vulnerability to penetrate your being. But we all feel vulnerable, we just don't want other people to know it and putting it out there with the chance of failure makes you feel it even more so doesn't it? But with vulnerability comes magic, facing your fears is the only way to manifest the life you want to live. Every day when I press publish on this blog I feel a big wash of jittery nerves, who will read it? what will they think? But expressing myself feels too wonderful to give up, I couldn't even if I tried and having a baby didn't stop me either so what's your excuse?

5. The future depends on what you do today. I mean, yeah, obviously, but do you know it? Do you really feel what I mean by this. Each day we move forward and all we ever have is the now, so to make the now's of the future correspond with your dreams for the future you must get off your bum and start now. That's not to say sitting on your bum is a bad thing, I personally love it, especially if it involves a cup of tea and a custard cream, however this post is aimed at those of us who want to get something out there into the world, do something incredible, make a change, make a dream come true. You know who you are.