five more things to give up for good this year

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I'm on a givey uppy path this year, clearly, because this is my second post about giving shit up and it's only the second month of the year. How dreary I have become.

The good thing is kids that it's not good stuff I'm suggesting you give up (hurrah), not asking you to give up sugar or anything radical (and soul destroying) as that - although I still haven't eaten sugar and it has become a bit of a habit now, which is a bit weird. Just saying. I was thinking about bad mind habits I could give up for Lent, because giving up chocolate was off the cards because chocolate = sugar and I'm already on that bandwagon. Here is what I've given up for Lent and I know my husband will probably choke straight off the bat because, well, number 1.

1.  give up your need to always be right. Ha! I'm always bloody right so how can I give this up? Huh?  I've got this inner judge that won't let me do stuff if I know it's not right, this judgey me is the reason I was so bad at marketing (my career for, oh, fifteen years), the reason I can't pretend to like something or someone, this one is hell. I have practiced it with Darren and I can't quite get the words out, my voice goes all constricted, like it's bloody killing me to say 'no dear, you are quite right'. Yeah, good luck with this one.



2.  give up your need for control. Who wrote these things anyway. Oh yeah, I did. Well, one of the good things about having a toddler is that they are pretty much in control of you and everything you do anyway so I'm getting better at this one.

3.  give up your limiting beliefs. We all tell ourselves stuff we can't do on a daily basis. For years I said I wasn't creative and of course I wasn't because I said so. Now I am a creative, that is me, because I said so. Easy, no?

4.  give up your resistance to change. I'm a changeaholic, I love the stuff so have no problem really. Well I keep telling myself that except we've been looking to move to Kent for a year now and we still haven't. Um?

5.  give up the past. It doesn't exist anywhere except your head, well this is only true if you're a lucky older person like me whose young and wild (and embarrassing) years all happened before the advent of facebook and camera phones - I thank the heavens on a daily basis for this tiny and perfect blessing - sincere condolences to the young for this.

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Did you give up anything for Lent? One year I gave up chocolate and then I was passed a box of Ferrero Rocher and it didn't even occur to me that they were made of chocolate until about the third one.