five easy ways to attract exactly what you want


Be careful what you wish for. I remember being told that when I was younger and thinking 'oh for fucks sake' because

a.  I didn't really like being told that wishing for lovely stuff could have dodgy consequences, and

b. It made me gloomy and mistrustful of the world because now I couldn't even dream of good stuff without some guilt seeping in around the edges.

My belief in magical miracles did not, as you may have already guessed, come from my childhood.

There are a huge number of books available on the subject of attracting what you want in life, you would have to be from the planet Zog to not know that the 'secret' of the universe is the law of attraction. In short, if you want it, say you want it, believe its coming and it's yours. Et voila. Life sorted.

And it works. No secret really, just thinking good thoughts and expecting the best, there are a few things you do need to get straight first though, these are:

1.  know what it is you want. Sounds simple huh but most of us just bumble about all day long, all week long, all life long without direction. Get up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch the telly, go to bed. Sound familiar? It's not a criticism, if you love your job and you love the telly then life is sorted, no? But the people who get what they want always (always) know exactly what it is they're after and that my friends is why they have it.

2.  learn about the laws of attraction. As I said, people of Zog, these books will help you.

The Secret - mass market, mass hype but all good stuff in the end.

Living Magically - my go-to spiritual hero Gill Edwards, the best at telling it like it is.

The Law of Attraction and in fact anything by Esther and Jerry Hicks AKA Abraham Hicks.

E-squared- Pam Grout proves it. (I know I keep banging on about this book but it is freaking awesome).

In a nutshell these books all tell you to think nice thoughts and nice things will come to you, I don't mean to sound trite, this is powerful stuff I'm talking about but that is the message, what you choose to do with it is up to you. I also found this site on my research travels with a further list of good books to read on the subject.

3.  create a vision board. Just like Shoshanna in the first series of Girls, you gotta paint a picture of what you want your world to look like. I don't do this, I write down what I want in my journal but researching vision boards for this post has made me itchy to get the glue and scissors out.


4.  be aware of your thoughts, good and bad. For this one you must train your mind and be like Yoda. If your head is anything like mine, it's often be a swirling mass of random thoughts, a freaky mess. This is me.

 can't find this image source, I apologise to the talent who drew this.

can't find this image source, I apologise to the talent who drew this.

Every now and then I just get so knackered and have to stop, breathe, tell my head to shut the fuck up and carry on at a far more peaceful level of existence. If doubty nonsense enters into my thoughts again I just tell it to bugger off and focus on happy thoughts instead. This is why I am addicted to crocheting and knitting, the concentration required for each stitch is meditative and lulls you into a good place. It's soothing, calming, yarny balm for the mind and lets face it, how can you not be happy when working with woolly stuff.

5.  affirmations work, they bloody do. I literally write mine out in my journal every day and all that shit got real. Sometimes I will say them out loud, sometimes in front of the mirror but usually Darren and Betsy are around and they look at me like I'm going bonkers, even Tilly looks at me like I'm going bonkers sometimes, maybe they know something I don't.