favourite stuff this week

So last year when I tried to grow dahlias nothing happened....not one dahlia. This year, out of nowhere this gorgeous guy pops up and dazzles us with his brilliance. Hurrah for gardening flukes.

This gorgeous jumper crocheted by Vanessa at Coco Rose Diaries. So simple, so comfortable looking, so need to make one.

I detest the ignorance of people who slag off immigrants. Privilege can make a person vile in a heartbeat. This powerful image explains why I feel that way. Where has the humanity gone that would deny people the chance to raise their children in safety.

I'm running again, my dodgy knee finally allowed it (old), and I relate to this, keep away from me bottom-grabbers (I mean do men really do this?), for I will punch you in the penis without a moments hesitation. On a more positive running note however.

Thinking about having a kid? Read this first.

Joy posted this carrot salad recipe in May and I have seriously been making it every. single. week. since, I would eat it every day but Darren has to put his foot down somewhere!

These pens are my favourite and I fancy these boots for winter.

That's it from me this month, catch you in September with your new pencil cases and shiny shoes from Clarks at the ready. Peace out.