favourite stuff this week 25.05.15

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It's been a strange old month for one reason or another, I find I get bored with the internet during the summer months, much preferring to be outside in the garden. Nevertheless, I've still got little nuggets of gorgeous to share with you, the first of which is this instagram account. If you only follow one account on instagram it should be this one, I wish I was like Baddie Winkle now, let alone when I'm 86. Also read this interview with her, words of wisdom from Baddie, the best I ever did read.

My friend Annie came over last week and she looked frigging amazing, all dewy, glowy and youthful. Of course I was all like, 'what is your secret girlfriend?' and she was all like, 'it's this blur perfector stuff from YSL' and I was all like, 'you mean I can buy this shit, I can PAY to have some of this youthful glow??'...and so I did. Seriously, this stuff is amazing.

A book about the joy of having only one child sounds like my kind of book, anything to dispel the myth that it's a bad thing, which in my opinion is a bit out-dated and definitely sniffs of cultural conditioning. Having only one child is a joy for all concerned (well maybe I will be a bit more joyful if I got some more sleep but you can't have everything huh?), we get the best of both worlds and life is ace but people do still insist on asking us when or telling us to have another one.

I've been looking to get some mala beads for ages and I saw these and now I'm in love but indecisive because how am I supposed to choose which ones to get.

On a crochet note, I love this baby poncho from Maaike and this great new find on instagram, Tatyana can crochet like a demon and her photography is stunning, I loves her. I also LOVE this new book from Anna Wilkinson, if you haven't got a copy yet, get one now, her designs (and the book styling) are awesome, I want to make everything in it.

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