favourite stuff this week 22.02.15

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I do love the idea for the new Swedish Hasbeens go natural campaign (I have had to link through to a story about it here because the campaign has been removed from their website!), but I wish they had used actual natural women. Not long limbed, freaking gorgeous, skinny, young things with perfectly trimmed bushes and pert, lovely breasts. It just reinforces the negative messages women see all day long about not being good enough because who the fuck looks like any of these four, butt naked but for a pair of (admittedly gorgeous) clogs?

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That is why this campaign left me overwhelmed and more than a little tearful. This Girl Can gives a big middle finger to the media ideal of what a woman should look like. Sport England have developed a campaign that shows real (for reals) women working their real and fabulous arses off and having a bloody good, jiggly time doing it. Hey world, this is what women look like, get over it.

And for more feminista, I'm with Lotte on this one, soz.

This chick makes me die every single time I read her blog, she is the queen of all gifdom, long live the gif lords, long live dog lick Kara and check out gif number four, Libby the Llama, insanely good.

Keep the channels open, this makes my spine tingle.

And this cape needs to be mine. I will freaking well crochet it and that's a promise.

Let's all live BIG this year please, none of this small nonsense.

Peace out and remember kids #thisgirlcan and she bloody well will.

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