favourite stuff this week


Incredibly sad news about gorgeous crochet superstar Marinke but heart strings pulled and tears shed at the speed at which the crochet community rallied round to show their support with the #mandalasforwink hashtag on instagram. Lovely.

The colours of this Malabrigio yarn. Oh my.

Women, know your words. This article is incredible, do you recognise some of this shit in yourself? I know I do.

I however have NO words to describe the hot mess that was Kanye at Glastonbury this year, did you see it? did your ears hear that man shouting loudly along with a cassette player? I turned off in disgust (old, drunk) and it's a good thing too because I read the next day that he did awful things to Bohemian Rhapsody. Christ.

So this made me happy and now I feel the world has righted itself. As a Glastonbury veteran of 1990 (which Darren delighted in reminding me was 25 years ago! Fuck!), I feel it is my right, no, my duty to comment on how low the festival has stooped in recent years, I swear Emily Eavis just books these nobbers to wind people up and get press. Stupid woman with clever PR skills, obviously not something to be proud of though eh? when you're supposed to be keeping it real.

Discovering that these lovely people and their gorgeous woolly warehouse are just down the road from your house! Priceless. Met with owner Jenny this week and had a great time (yarn addict in wool warehouse = good times), yakked about yarn and all sorts of other stuff until the cows came home.