favourite stuff this week 09.06.15


My new peony finally bloomed on Sunday, isn't she gorgeous? After weeks of tantalising tease, she bloomed, she was glorious, she is now all but gone. I annoyingly threw the card away when I planted her last year so I don't know what type she is (possibly a Mandarin's Coat) but you don't get much better than this in June. 

I love everything about this. As a sandal-wearing devotee, anything sandal related is welcome but this company takes it to another level, I love the logo, the ethos, the freaking SANDALS! Oh my.

This beautiful knitted blanket - I still love knitting but we are not friends so I shall continue  to admire it from afar.

This pin, it sure is wild, I frigging love it. This instagram account (although secretly I am loving the sandals more than the floors, maybe I should start an instagram account called I Have This Thing With Sandals!).

I'm always on the lookout for signs and symbols, it always seems to be 11.11 when I look at the clock nowadays (like always) and I have had a number of watch stopping incidents like Claire, most notably when I split up with my first proper boyfriend. Ran home, snivelling and sniffing like the world had ended and boom, watch stopped, cue THE END of boyfriend. See ya!

And on the same note, I hardly ever switch the radio on these days (Betsy telly rules tea time in this house) but I did last night for the first time in ages and heard this Radio 2 interview with John Cleese. It made me beam with joy (and do a little skippy dance), he's totally different to how I imagined and a wonderful advocate for enjoying (and not making apologies for) being an introvert and children being taught the most important things at school. Listen from 1.11 (see? spooky numbers again) and be as happy as I was last night whilst making summer green risotto.

Have a nice week yo!

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