favourite blog posts this week 02.02.15


I have been really poorly with a cold this past week and couldn't even summon up the energy to open my laptop let alone write anything. As soon as I felt better I went looking for some sunshine and found this great post on the myth of perfection, a subject close to my heart always but especially when I haven't had a shower for three days and smell like a mouldy shoe.

I blame my cold on two things; firstly I got it from Betsy who got it from her first day at nursery and yes, I know that I'm in for what, fourteen more years of other children's germs, *shudders at the thought. Secondly I have been eating really well. Really stupidly healthy and clean and sugar free and vegan and oh I'm fucking asking for it, get thee cold virus into this disgustingly smug body now! This recipe was lush though, half way through I did mention to Darren that it was vegan but he didn't mind because he had a plate of salami on the side.

I am planning on going to the Blogtacular conference in June, I really am. I just need to pull my finger out and buy a ticket as opposed to thinking about buying a ticket whilst instead spending ridiculous amounts of time looking at wool on the John Lewis website! This post is not new but I found it this week and think it's a must for all obsessive compulsive Pinterest users like me, especially OCP's who blog and should be much better at self-promotion but never get around to doing it because it feels kind of icky and there's always other things to be doing, things that feel soft and fluffy and don't involve putting yourself out there.

Talking of wool, I saw this and had a little swoon at the colours and I also swooned at this rather fabulous husband cardigan.

I love these blogging tips, especially the one about making your photos look better and brighter and this blog post because I love lists and this one is incredible.

Back to my tissues.