favourite blog posts this week 12.12.14


I'm doing a bit of December reflecting with this great photo challenge. I said I would never do one again after finding the last one a bit of a challenge (too lazy/too busy/too damn controlling to handle being told what to photograph on any given day), but it's Christmas and I'm a sucker. I actually love the idea of a monthly photo challenge, much more than doing it (lazy, just saying), but I'm doing the shit out of this one over on instagram.

I love this time of year, I love the dark afternoons, the dark mornings, the cold, the staying in. Most of all I love getting organised (who am I kidding, most of all I love staying in), sorting out my diaries, my calendars (yes plural for both) and planning the year ahead. This year I am of course doing Susannah's Unravelling the Year Ahead, if you didn't do it last year then definitely do it this year and choose yourself a shit hot word for 2015, no really, do it, you will be amazed at the stuff life flings at you when you become as repetitive as a toddler after strawberry nesquik. I'm also doing the Do What You Love New Year Revolution, it's too good to miss, they got all in for a monthly word, I love that! Get yours now.

This blog post from The Cognitive Soul is so beautiful, a very good reminder about how crucial conscious parenting skills really are especially when your two year old daughter looks you right in the eye whilst she tips a bag of glittery confetti all over the floor. 'I dare you to not get shouty mummy'!

I am a big fan of my oracle cards, big fan indeed. This post about how they help your mindset is lovely and particularly because sometimes I will pick the same card out day after day after day and it's good to know I'm not the only one getting kicked in the butt by the messengers.