ebb and flow

forest in april.jpg

Around this time every year I go into online rejection mode, I start to eschew all things internetty for the far simpler and happier pleasures that come with being able to go outside.

It always takes me by surprise that I'd rather be outside in the sunshine, because I love indoors. I spend all winter in a state of bliss believing that the sofa is my best friend and my pyjamas the best thing since sliced bread.

But behold, the minute I get some warmth in my bones I'm out there walking, flowers in my hair, silly smile on my face, looking for all the world like a crazy lady (I'm one of those smiley and say hello walking down the street people).

My winter pursuits of crocheting whilst sitting on my arse watching the telly are forgotten in a flash (much to my amazement), and I go and do some gardening instead, can't resist it. Watching for the first sign of the peonies poking through the earth, tending to my beloved hydrangeas and bossing Darren around to get the 'man' jobs done, heaven. We are having a crazy warm April in the UK, there's blossom everywhere, happy smells in the air, dog walking is a pleasure again, the forest calls me.

The ebb and flow of the year is a wonderful thing, to fully enjoy the months of outdoorsy weather we must fully enjoy the indoors months too and I do, bloody hell I do. I love all our seasons here, lucky to live in a country with such contrasting times, every month feeling so unique. I like the balance of it all, months of cold and dark with my nose stuck in a book combined with the lightness of spring, the garden, hanging the bloody washing on the line (my favourite thing for reals).

tilly and the forest.jpg

I find my thoughts drift elsewhere, anywhere but writing blog posts and I'm okay with that. Current brain space is taken up with figuring out what to do with the garden and pretty flowers win out over laptop keys every single time.

See you later happy shiny people, enjoy the sunshine.

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