#crochetgirlgang gifts for christmas

If you're anything like me and have multiple projects on the go (erm.....multiples of multiples in my case), then project bags is the way to go. I got the idea after watching knitting podcasts and discovering that knitters keep their projects all neat and tidy in pretty project bags. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it before but I now have a selection of different sized bags that I keep my crochet and knitting projects in but by far my favourite are the new #crochetgirlgang totes designed by yours truly and sold via zazzle.

Selling via a company like zazzle (there are others) is a great idea for someone like me who has a recognisable brand but no space to hold stock (enough space for yarn though eh!). I've had people asking me for #crochetgirlgang merchandise right from day one but it took me a while to figure out how I was going to do it in a way that would work for everyone and even longer to figure out what to sell.

You can buy two different styles of top, a plain white tee and longer sleeved baseball tee, which is my personal favourite. Both styles come up quite small so make sure you size up when ordering, I'm a UK size 12 and ordered a size large for both these tees.

You can also buy a mug or button badge....

Or my favourite (and most useful) thing ever, the super smart tote bag.

All the items are made and sold by zazzle and come from the US so if you're in Europe (or elsewhere) and you want to get something in for Christmas then you will need to think about ordering soon. My items took about three weeks to come and the good news is zazzle has a UK distribution centre so you don't have to pay import duties! Phew!

Happy #crochetgirlgang Christmas YO!