#crochetgirlgang blanket CAL

It's official, and I can now talk about it (such a relief), the lovecrochet.com/#crochetgirlgang autumn CAL is here! Yahoo!

The idea for the blanket came about with the concept of having one simple blanket design and showing how different it can look with multiple colour palette options.

I freaking love that idea.

When you see how different this one blanket looks with completely different colours, it will blow your mind, check it out. This is Emma @steelandstitch's autumnal blanket, see what I mean?

How fantastic huh? Don't they look like two completely different blankets? I love the way the grey sets off the reds and golds in Emma's blanket and likewise I love the freshness of the white next to the prettiness of the pastels in mine.

The CAL begins on 26th October and if you want to go with either mine or Emma's colourway, you can buy your colour packs here. If you want to create your own colour pack, and believe me there have been some great (and bright) colour packs chosen already, just check out all the gorgeous colours of Paintbox Aran for you to choose from - seriously though, good luck with that, it is not an easy choice.

Each week from 26th October to 30th November a new element of the pattern will be released on the lovecrochet blog, you can sign up to receive an alert when these updates go live so you never miss a thing.

If you are on Instagram you can use the #crochetgirlgangcal hashtag to check out all the latest news and swoon over everyone's lovely colour palettes and whilst you're at it, use the #crochetgirlgang hashtag for a chance to get your blanket featured @crochetgirlgang. I will be regularly checking in to see how different the blanket looks with different themes; I've already seen a lovely grey/mustard palette and a soothing sage green/peach/caramel one too.

If you need any more convincing or have any questions about the CAL you can visit the lovecrochet CAL facebook page.

Happy crocheting, YO!