crochet christmas


I love a bit of crochet at Christmas. I try to make a new crochet thingy every year, just to see if I can (there are only so many things that can actually be crocheted you know), I want every year to see something new on the tree.

The first year I could crochet I made trees, they were a bit shit to be honest, not the fault of the pattern, which was lovely, rather the fault of my extremely inexperienced crochet fingers. The same year I made stars, which were actually okay. I liked them.

The brilliant baubles of Christmastime came next, the most awesome round things ever, the pattern is here if you want to make them and I highly suggest you do, they are ace.

This year it's trees again, this time they rock, I made sure of it. I couldn't cope with flat and droopy trees this year, I fancied something a bit more significant. The pattern is from Danish crochet queen Jeanette and her blog Lutter Idyl, it is in Danish and the google translator doesn't really work with crochet terminology but it is just about doable! Jeanette's crochet book Lutter Lokker needs to be translated into English, like yesterday, because I really need to be spending more money on yarn *coughs.


Gorgeous huh? Happy Christmas crocheting everyone.


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