crochet 1970s style

granny square coat.jpg

I am obsessed with retro, vintage, 1970s crochet. I quite literally love the shit out of it.

I would say that I was born in the wrong era but as it happens I was born at exactly the right time, the early 1970s, and so maybe that is where my obsession rises from. Years of being made to wear outrageous handmade wool creations have taken their toll and created a garishly fabulous wool obsessive out of me.

Crochet patterning went into overdrive in the 1970s because it could. People had more disposable income, everyone was on drugs, the more psychedelic you looked the better. It was a perfect time for the creative world to go into overdrive and the evidence was everywhere; music, film, home decor, facial hair. This is how the hipsters did the seventies, in big bold swinging colours and questionable attire. You know you want some, you know it's time for a comeback, well maybe that's just me but look at these chicks, look how freaking happy they are.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to crochet a bikini (famous last words no doubt!), but I love the freedom of expression, the attitude (yeah? I'm wearing a crocheted kaftan, fuck you!), the colours, the boldness. I'm fascinated at how crochet design so quickly moved from a very staid and sensible aesthetic in the fifties and sixties (all about neat twin-sets and pastel skirts), to a wild and uncontrollable bounty of glorious colour. Plus, yellow. You can never have too much yellow in your life, yellow is the forgotten star of the crochet world. I'm bringing yellow back and I'm starting with this dress!

yellow dress.jpg

I realised if I wanted to go big and bold and look like an original Charlie's Angel, then I would have to do it myself, plus get bigger hair, and maybe some heated curlers because how did Farrah Fawcett get those big flicking curls?

Watch this space for the resurrection of the coolest decade the universe has ever experienced. I will have you all wearing granny square shorts before the year is over and you know it makes sense yo!

Peace out.

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