believe in yourself


A bit of self belief goes a really long way. Terribly underrated, often misunderstood, we should all be forced to have it on our toast for breakfast.

Instead of bigging ourselves up, we spend too long thinking about the things we can't do when we should be using our (precious) energy focusing on all the brilliant things we can. I'm terrible for this negative internal dialogue, I blame my 1970s childhood and its lack of cultural inspiration, good food and central heating (ice on the inside of window-panes and sleeping in crocheted cardigans can in no way promote clear thinking in a child).

Studies have shown that women are worse at the whole self-belief thing than men (no surprises there then), especially when it comes to job-hunting (I'm so bad at this, it is such I relief that I now work for myself). I suspect that a lot of this has to do with gender conditioning (be a nice girl, don't boast, nobody likes a show-off etc, etc), stupid shit that old people thought was helpful when we were young (questionable oldies indeed). The media is firmly on the side of people who want to sell you stuff by making you feel bad about yourself, hella crazy, enough female disparagement to last many lifetimes. But mainly (and sadly) we talk ourselves down, we do it to ourselves, it's so crazy.

This week I had another pattern published in another crochet magazine (Love Crochet, out now, big whoop whoop for Emma yo!), so giddy and Darren comes home and says why haven't you put that up on Facebook? I'm all like (foot-shuffling, avoiding eye-contact) well, I don't want to be shoving it in people's faces, folks'll get a bit sick of me posting this and posting that like a big, yarny show-off. Case in point huh? I need to start practising what I preach.

I'm getting some help and spiritual guidance from one of Betsy's favourite books (for reals). It's called I Love You Little Monster by the incredible Giles Andreae (think Purple Ronnie, Zen Dog). I still can't get through it without sniffling and snuffling, warm hearted loveliness oozing from every page, we've read it so many times that we all know the words off by heart and it's a bloody good thing too because of these lines in particular....

I love you little monster.jpg

"...believe in yourself and believe in your dreams and you'll be what you dream you can be."

I don't know about Betsy but it's working for me, well a little bit anyway. The girl loves to repeat this line over and over and every time I'm thinking to myself, that's it girl, remember these words, live by them and you shall go far. I hope that we can show Betsy how to be brave, how to understand this crazy world and dare to be different, to be authentic and full of self-belief.

My childhood books were littered with pretty, little dumb-dumbs, spiked with sedatives by psychotic witches to await the life they always dreamed off in rohypnol-land until some bloke on a white horse could be bothered to come along to save the day. Hmm? and we still wonder where it all went wrong for womankind.

Thank goodness the girls of today have books with positive messages, and positive role models, thank fuck for Elsa. I always thought Sleeping Beauty was a touch gullible, there was no way I wanted to grow up and be a simpering, slumbering mess like her. I want to be Elsa when I grow up, that girl kicks some serious ass!