and so it is

I write this early on a late August morning with the sun brightly pouring in as if we forgive the shiny, gold shit for abandoning us this summer.

I know it's an unforgivable cliché to be British and moan about the weather but this summer has really been a poor show, autumn is already in full swing and I went out yesterday in a padded bodywarmer (I come from the era that called them by their unpretentious name) and boots, welly boots. Bugger!

Luckily we still have our summer holiday to look forward to and we are going somewhere warm and sunny enough to make up for the weeks of constant gloom. I'm currently at that mid-pack stage where I'm wondering what dresses to take, why Betsy's dresses are so much prettier than mind, and trying to remember what hot feels like.

I'm also a few days away from being a school summer holiday survivor. My first time. I made it. Wahoo! High five and all that shiz. Six full weeks of non-stop Betsy and we haven't quite driven each other mad. She is potentially (probably, no definitely) a bit bored of me and we are now wondering what possessed us to book our holiday for September when really all anybody wants is for Betsy to go back to school. Especially Betsy, she loves school.

I have managed to keep work ticking over, albeit at a much slower pace than usual. I spent most of August realising that I would have to reduce my pattern prices on Etsy because digital downloads now attract VAT regardless of whether you reach the VAT threshold of, you know, only 81k or not. The VAT has been automatically added to my patterns on Etsy and made them look, overnight, horribly expensive. To say that this EU decision is ruining small businesses and stifling creativity is a massive understatement. It makes me sad (angry) but I made the decision to just accept it, drop my prices to remain at a realistic pricing point and just get on with it in the hope that each EU member state is so overwhelmed with ridiculous VAT paperwork that they scrap the law.

I've got lots of new patterns to write up (the worst bit) and list and lots of new projects pencilled in, I'm so excited, when September gets in full swing I fully expect to be crocheting until my fingers bleed. Yes *fistpumps.