a word about 2015


This year, 2014, was the first time I ever chose a word for the year. It was an easy choice, I already had a feeling about what kind of year I wanted to live. Abundance reflected exactly how I wanted the year to go, what I want to flow in and flow out, how I wanted to feel, act, behave. And bugger me, it only bloody worked.

I have had the most brilliantly abundant year, twelve months chock full of abundant living, it has been a glorious, fat and happy time. As well as feeling abundant, I have used the word to steer a course towards my future and to help me reach my goals giving everything I do a delicious, abundant flavour. Really bloody going for it instead of listening to the internal censorship panel which used to meet on a regular basis inside my head but has long since been drowned out.

So with the year drawing to a close I started to think about what word I wanted for 2015. I wanted a strong word, a word that would continue to drive me to push against ridiculous self-imposed restrictions, a word that would reflect how I feel about the coming twelve months. And again, I just got lucky, this word popped into my head and I knew it straight away was the one for me, my new best pal, potential.

What a brilliant word, I like the way it sounds in my mouth, strong, powerful, committed. It's a word that means business and I'm going to use the shit out of it in 2015. I like the idea that we are all harbouring a tiny (probably furry) ball of potentiality inside us, just waiting to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. Watch out world, I'm getting my potentials out!

Do you have a word for 2015? Care to share it? If you are having trouble finding a word that suits you, try here, it looks like an ace way to find your new best word friend.


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