I did Wordsworth at school, did you?

I can remember the lovely bounce of Daffodils as it tripped off my tongue but apart from that I wasn't really interested. Bit dull. Plus there were boys to be thinking about, Wordsworth could get stuffed.

Then I visited Ullswater in the spring and I understood why all the fuss, Wordsworth was onto something after all. I discovered he was much more than the sum of his lonely wanderings, his poetry moved me, it moves me still, I understand him.

This ode: intimations on immortality, is my favourite. The first line feels like a half-remembered secret, did I know that? Who told me? When?

I have forgotten.

Words travel across the years to reach us all at different moments in time, always at the right time. These words came to me, reached in to my soul and gave it a squeeze and Will's timing could not have been better.