The power of transformation intrigues me.

Our ability (or not) to change and grow, sometimes drastically, often subtly, is a constant source of interest. I'm obsessed with stories of transformation, I devour them hungrily, perhaps as a way to justify my own mutable life, or perhaps because I enjoy discovering the courageous ones who told themselves they could and so they did.

I like stories where people say no to the accepted way that things are, the different ways they have learned to accept themselves; those thighs, that glass of wine, these feelings. I like people who slough off old skins and transform themselves, people who radically change their world for the pure unadulterated betterment of themselves.

Lifestyle, physical, attitude changes, anything adopted in the name of a happier life is inspirational. These people have tapped into the great, largely unmapped, territory of "I deserve better than this", when we are often led to believe that we don't. These are the special ones who have realised that transformation is there for the taking. As Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy "you had the power all along my dear".

I salute you transformers (robots in disguise), I wait with anticipation to hear news about exciting things happening in your lives. I try, with some small success, to emulate your gritted determination. Yes, I want to be Dorothy too.

A small shift in mindset, a tiny shift in perception and a determination to effect change and we can do anything we want, we can be anything we want. Magical creatures every single one of us.