what every little girl should be told


You would not believe the amount of times in my life that I have been shushed. You would also not believe how depressing it is, how hurtful, how many times I've wanted to punch the shusher right in the bloody gob.

I am certain that I've been told to be quiet more than the average person. I reckon I've been muted more times than I've been celebrated for having a voice, especially when I was younger. Being seen and not heard was the required virtue for girls in the 1970s, there was no place for girly noise, assertiveness, no place for sass.

From an early age I was told I was bossy. I'm still told I'm bossy. At one workplace my nickname was matron, which was obviously very amusing but still. If you're a woman and you know how to get shit done, you will be given a contemptuous nickname. If you're a man and you know how to get shit done you are a freaking hero. Go figure that one out.

It would appear from current evidence that Betsy is indeed taking after her mama. She tells us what to do, with incredible strength of character for a just turned two year old, without even the slightest glimmer of doubt that we will obey her. I love it.

She will not be told she is bossy, if the term is bandied about in her presence it will not have any negative connotations. If the girl is born to lead then I'm not hindering that quality, it's an amazing thing in a child, in a person, she will always have my support. Woe betide any future teacher or unsuspecting individual who dares to hush and humiliate my girl, I am going to be every teachers nightmare parent. Not so much a Tiger Mum, more of a Monster Mum who will 'kick your ass if you dare employ your outdated opinions on my daughter'.

I'm not kidding either.