effort = results



Look at this picture. What comes to mind? Nice flowers huh, pretty colours. Got to love a dahlia. 

Know what I see here. A big, fat fail.

Here's my problem, let me pitch it to you. I planted at least ten dahlia tubers (ten!), in April, which in hindsight may have been a little too late. I fed, I watered, I tended (by this I mean I went out and had a look at them most days), and this is the sum total of my, pretty feeble, efforts. 

All of the plants grew, they were, and still are, green and leafy, but only two plants flowered. One had a few mangy pink flowers on it and the other had one big lemony peach flower on it. This was the last week of October. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

You know what though, I didn't deserve anything spectacular. I didn't put anything spectacular in so why would I expect to get in back. And that's okay because my half-arsed gardening efforts rarely reward me with giant blooms of loveliness. Sometimes I get lucky, most times I do not.

Dahlias are notoriously tricky, temperamental and fancy with their favours and I just expected abundance to happen. Nope. It doesn't just happen does it? You have to want it, work at it, dream it, believe it. Guess I didn't. Lesson learned and dahlias back on the 'DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GROW THESE BITCHES' list again.