a great, full life

We are lucky folk. We have so much to be grateful for, it is indeed true that we have great, full lives. So great and so full that we have barely a moment to sit back, relax and feel that soft, gentle purr of good fortune.

And yet full of what? We have more leisure time now than ever, certainly much more than most of the people around when W.H. Davies wrote his famous poem, Leisure. People in his day were busy earning a living, scrapping around to find enough food, enough warmth, enough safety, just enough anything. They were people who were really full of care, the kind of care we will never have to know in our wonderful world of 24-hour-everything-on-a-plate-ness.

Nowadays our lives are full of a different busy. A new layer has been added to Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the whole world is now busy on the internet. Soz Mr Davies, there's def no time for standing and staring now, I've got a date with Netflix tonight.

And so it seems to be a paradox that a hundred years worth of huge leaps and bounds in discoveries, massive social, technological and economical developments plus a million time-saving devices later, we humans still have no time to stand and stare. Humanity just doesn't want to do it. We haven't got the time!

I'm often a bit spaced out and starey so I can appreciate the poem, it strikes a chord. But I'm a mum and we are a time-poor bunch of people. Truth!

I didn't believe it BC, pictured myself propped up in front of Jeremy Kyle every morning with a packet of fig rolls and Marie Claire, Betsy happily playing by my feet sort of fending for herself. My dreams were shattered when I realised that a small person requires constant, I mean constant, ain't got no time to go for a wee, supervision and those small moments of time that we all have in a day when we can stop and breathe a bit; waiting for the bus, sitting in traffic, queuing in Greggs, seem to have become much fewer in direct proportion to how much more I have to be grateful for. Yet another paradox.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish I had more time to stand and really consider how brilliant this life is. Do you? Maybe we should all just switch off WiFi sets and go out and do something less boring instead.