pink moon gone wild

Tonight's full moon is known as the pink moon.  How about that then? The first full moon of spring is pink and lovely, quite right too, we love pink in this house.

This pink moon is properly special though because tonight it goes wild with a full lunar eclipse which will turn the pink moon into the red moon and can you imagine the crazy that is going to manifest with that kind of phenomenon going on right above our heads?

Unfortunately we won't be able to see the lunar eclipse in the UK as it will be daylight here by the time it happens but you can watch it live here  or on NASA's website. Meanwhile everyone in North and South America will get to see it for real in all its beautiful red glory.

There are those that say that the lunar eclipse is a harbinger of doom, especially because it is the first in a series of four, which is quite unusual and happens rarely. I reckon that some people just love the doom talk though and I won't have any of it, I think all this magical stuff is just our universe being awesome.

I try to be calm and happy on full moon day because it has a tendency to exaggerate any emotions I'm feeling and if I'm in a temper then I know for certain that I'll be huffing and spluttering and regretting saying something stupid by the morning. The full moon is for feeling balanced, abundant and peaceful.  It's also for reaping the rewards of your new moon intentions so sit back, relax and smile whilst watching your wonderful world unfold. Either that or go all out bat-shit crazy and finish your day off with all the other moon-crazies in A&E or, even better, a police cell.