good stuff

Have you got good stuff going on? Are you organising, planning, having a clear out, dreaming up some good dreams?

Spring is on its way and I saw these perfect, purple lovelies on our walk today, it made me feel happy. I love when spring is just about to share her wonderful, flowery bounty with us, I feel ready for some good stuff.  She isn't my favourite season but I like her whisper of promise and the way she makes a bold statement about renewal.  Move aside crusty, dead leaves, there's some crazy ass pretty flowers coming through, I'm beautiful, I'm green and it's my time now.

I'm a paid-up member of team renewal having renewed and reinvented myself countless times over the years.  I like the process of clearing out the old to make way for the new, there isn't even a tiny bit of hoarder in me, if it stays still for long enough I will throw it. I believe that the space you make; in your life, your heart, your wardrobe, is what allows the good stuff to flow, what lets the magic in.

I'm walking proof of this, at 38 I was divorced, fabulous (obviously) and in a job I didn't so much hate as deemed pointless, constantly being told that I should stop being so 'emotional', so 'reactive' so 'me'.  Fast forward to today; 41, still fabulous (I know!), happily married, beautiful baby, dream house, the freedom to look after my girl full time and the space to make decisions about the future 'me' and you can bet the future me will use her emotions whenever she likes and react to whatever she damn well pleases.  I am the epitome of renewal, I am the poster girl for making good stuff happen.

So it is that after a deliberately quiet and peaceful January with a huge amount of planning, journaling, reading, playing, walking in the rain and relaxing, I'm now slowly starting to shift gears, emerge from my winter den, shrug off my winter coat and get more good stuff done.

Watch out universe, hold on to your hats world, I am primed and ready. Abundance isn't my word for the year for nothing.