2014 review


2014 has been magnificent hasn't it?

I've had a bloody brilliant year. I hope you have too. I haven't done an end of year review for a while so I was musing on it and how I would do it (because chaos reigns my picture files), and then I had the bright idea of using my instagram photos as a guide. The results are priceless, I love a good reminisce.


January // it's freezing cold in the play park. I say 'I love you Betsy', she says 'peas' and runs off. This is not an unusual occurrence, January finds us in the midst of her pea obsession.

February // a rare winter rainbow, we hardly ever see rainbows at any time of the year but a February rainbow is a super duper rare delight.

March // a birthday trip to Winchester, we visit the cathedral and are stunned by the thirteenth century fleur-de-lys floor tiles and  medieval graffiti.

April // a trip down memory lane turns into a blue sky day in Glastonbury, I hadn't been since I was eighteen and had forgotten all about it's quirky charm and patchouli smell.


May // Betsy discovers dandelions and walking the dog becomes that little bit more fun.

June // I grow my first ever and most beautiful pink peony, she is a Sarah Bernhardt and I am a little in love until she gets so heavy she droops and then I can't figure out what the hell to do with her.

July // we take our first road trip to France, we fall in love with it's peace and quiet but then we did go off season. We find the Abbaye de Fontfroide, a hidden treasure in the Languedoc and Betsy manages not to get bored for at least, erm, half an hour.

August // I do my first ever photo challenge, and find new things to photograph!


September // Betsy has new wellies. I want some.

October // is our big Birthday month, the girl turns two.

November // mornings seem to be so much prettier in the winter, I like the contrast with the stark, bare trees but I don't much like getting up in the dark.

December // well, Christmas. I love it.


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