two parties

Because why have just the one party when you can have two.

Yep, because having two Birthday parties is an entirely normal thing, right?  Won't knacker you out or try your stamina, mental stability and resistance to cake? Nope.  It won't fill your fridge, your bins, your boots, no indeed.  But it will be fun.  Stressy, messy fun of the infant joy variety.

Two parties, two outfits, two cakes, two sets of people to feed, water and charm and that's before I even got Elizabeth out of bed!

Elizabeth.  She is one!  She is actually one!  I can't believe it has gone so fast but our little baby isn't a little baby anymore, cue sad face.  Well cue sad but really happy and slightly deranged (from lack of sleep, excess of worry) face.  Where has this last year gone? How can she walk so quickly already? Why does she seem so drawn to the (incredibly steep) staircase?  What does "giddah" actually mean? Who can answer these questions for me? When will I know what I'm actually doing?

Two party excessiveness was not for showing off, it was born from having two quite large families and Darren's adamant refusal to hire a hall, I think he is allergic to church halls, community centres or any establishment that smells like a school and comes with fold up tables and a tea urn!  Who can blame him.

So house was decorated, invites were sent, food was prepared, pies were made. It was great fun.  Especially when it came to eating the cake!  The cake.  Holy moly it was the best cake ever, specially made for our girls by my cousin, what a talented gal.

Erm, baby Ugg boots?  Who freaking knew!  Betsy loves them, I love them, she had so much fun, loved opening her presents and was spoilt rotten.  Hurrah!

We discovered that Bets loves people.  Couldn't care less about us when there are other people around.  She was off flirting with everyone, absolutely everyone and anyone as long is it wasn't us. Tilly is also a bit like this, when she was a puppy we always thought Tilly would go off with anyone as long as they made a fuss of her.  I'm beginning to sense a pattern. Our parenting style perhaps? Bit lax?

Talking of Tilly, here is our favourite picture from the mini party season a la bloom.  Canine photo bomb.  Genius.

Everything you need to know about how Tilly feels about Elizabeth is captured in this one shot.  You did good work to capture this moment Geoff, we applaud you and we have decided based purely on the murderous intent in Tilly's eyes that we will never leave the two of them alone together again!

Post-party?  Well Darren went off to New York for the week, leaving me to tidy, clean, try to find room in the bin for a million cardboard boxes and watch Betsy's little face light up whenever she sees/grabs/hugs one of her many new toys, lovely stuff really.  All done and dusted and now we're very much looking forward to another exciting year with our little pixie gal.