how to make paper pom poms

Yeah you want some of this in your life don't you?

I know you do, how could you resist the pom pom goodness in all its papery glory.

I am making a ton of these bad boys for Betsy's first birthday party which is in just over a months time, yep in just over one months time my wee, tiny baby will be one, yikes!  I swear I'm going to blink and she'll be stroppy and sixteen!

Here is a very speedy guide on how to make these lovely, big paper pomdepompoms.

1.   Get a load of sheets of tissue paper in a colour or colours of your choice, I used eight sheets of girl pretty pink.  Start folding them concertina style into a narrow strip as if you were making a fan.

2. When you have finished folding get a piece of string or yarn and tie a knot in the middle.

3. Flare the fans out either side of the string and start pulling each separate piece of tissue paper down, scrunching and placing it as you go.  An option at this point is to cut a curve into either end before pulling and scrunching to create a more flower petal look, see the two images below.

I personally prefer keeping the edges straight as I think it gives a better looking, peony style pom pom.

Do it however you like it, I find it easier to do one side first and then the other.

4. That is it, easy huh?  Fluff it all up and out et voila!  Paper pom pom loveliness for your house.

They look nice hanging together in colourful pom pommy clumps.

Freaking awesome huh?

I love them and think everyone should have some dangling around their living space - these are up at ours already and I suspect they won't be coming down anytime soon.

Happy pom pom making yo!