does listening to Radio 4 make you more intelligent?

I've been listening to Radio 4 a lot recently and I swear I've upped my smarts.

I told Darren that I was definitely getting cleverer via the medium of Woman's Hour and he cough muttered something along the lines of 'feminist claptrap' and said it wasn't possible to be made smarter just by listening to intelligent people speak.

Yeah, well I disagree.

Studies have found that listening to Mozart makes you cleverer so why not listening to the dulcet tones of John Humphries first thing in the morning?  Especially Mr Humphries because he questions everything and we are (I am) so often lulled into a state of, fairly happy, inertia that is in direct opposition to challenging everything we are told.

Perhaps it won't be long before the so called 'Mozart Effect' is attributed to other forms of media as well because lets face it, we are surrounded by noise now more than ever before and the choices we make about what/who we listen too must influence our brain's ability to store or learn new things? 

Darren says that it won't make you more intelligent but it will possibly make you better informed.  I agree but being better informed surely equals a short-term boost in the smarts?  And surely if you do this every day then you will eventually be turned into a smart arse?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

This article details eleven ways to boost your IQ although I have to say I'm not keen on IQ as a measure of intelligence and I'm also not keen on some of these measures (erm, drugs people?) but it does say that whatever you do, you must do it often so Radio 4 every day it is then.  I am also claiming the title of head brain in this house because item number five clearly states that vegetarians have higher IQs - ha! Stuff that up your meaty jumpers thicky meat eaters.

So that is the sum of my argument!  I reckon listening to Radio 4 does make you more intelligent and my husband thinks it doesn't.

I do hope you weren't expecting some cleverly constructed debate for and against the subject.  Come on loves, I'm a forty-something stay at home mum whose brains were all sucked out by pregnancy and anything left up there gets pickled by my weekly catch-up with the Kardashians!

See ya.