crochet love for your ears

So that's it.  After a hugely weird crochet and knitting block over the summer, I've picked up hook and needles again and have already got, um, three projects on the go.

Of course I'm looking for a fourth, because clearly three is not enough and I saw these earmuffs and fell in love, love, lovey, love.

They're retail items, nearly one hundred of the queens pounds!! Spluttered my tea all over the place and that was just at the sale price of fifty quid!  They might be the prettiest ear-wear I've ever seen but I'm not parting with that amount of cash just to have gorgeous ears.

Instead I think I'll make myself a Morning Walk earwarmer, been meaning to for ages anyway but I think the time is nigh.  I'm still gutted I had to give this beauty away.

Then I saw these ah.mazing earmuffs from Madrid based crochet queens Lanusa.  How. fricking. cool.

They have got so many cool designs, go and have a look at their beautiful blog right now.  I want one of each colour please.

I think 2013 might actually be the year of the earmuff. Yeah, I do.