best in show

We watched the brilliant film Best In Show at the weekend.

It really is a great film but probably only rumbles down deep in your heart if you have a dog and especially if you, like us, own a pedigree dog. We were amused much by the film's brilliant comedy moments and it made me go all smoochy, pooch proud of our girl.

We are extremely lucky with Tilly.  She is a sweet natured beautiful girl and so well behaved, putting up with the arrival of Elizabeth (or as Tilly calls her, the usurper), really well.  The only time I have to declare loudly that I'm taking her to the pound is when we have guests.  Oh lord when we have guests she is a nightmare.

She gets incredibly excited, does full body wag, whines and shakes with the sheer joy of someone coming to visit her!  We always let her come and say hello and then she is supposed to calm down and go back to her bed.  Yeah, doesn't happen like that.  She always takes it a step too far, a nudge, a lick, a molestation too far and ends up getting told off, shouted at and straight off to the dog house.

It's really horrible and bloody annoying and I wish she wouldn't do it.  We have certain guests (you know who you are), who encourage her and that just makes it worse for those other unsuspecting visitors who don't in fact wish to be covered in dog!

This post has ended up being a bit of a whine, I'm not quite sure how that happened. Soz.