blackberry day out

I didn't mean it to end like this.

It just happened.  I got to the park yesterday and it was blackberry madness.

There were scuffles amongst the seniors, fights for the best spot, and tactical deployment manoeuvres from the sneaky blackberry picking pros.  I kid you not, welcome to blackberry day out.

I walk past these blackberry bushes every day and watch how they change. Boring in the winter, perky in the spring, pretty in the early summer and then one day in late August you walk past and bam! the full force of how amazing nature is hits you in the face, bushes laden down with juicy big berries and people fighting to get at them!

My tactic was to just act natural, pretend that I wasn't there to pick blackberries at all and hoping that my dog pooh bag receptacle added weight to this ruse.  Yes I used a pooh bag to collect my berries - classy.

Then as I sauntered, I picked, I don't need huge amounts, just enough to make Betsy smile and Darren a fruit crumble so I was able to avoid the extreme pickers wrath. 

Most of the good stuff was gone of course, these bushes had been well and truly raided.  In some places where the bushes went quite far back people had created thorny barriers to stop all but the most hardy picker from getting at them, insane.

I managed to collect a lovely lot of berries, enough for Betsy to have some for her dinner and enough to make puff pastry blackberry tarts for pudding, summer heaven on a plate courtesy of our local park.  You don't get much better at that.