walking for fitness

I know the secret to long-term fitness.  It's free, it's easy, you don't need any special gear, it's a no-brainer really.  And we do it a lot, mainly because of this big lump.

We walk every day in all weather.  We walk in forests and parks, round water and racecourses.  We have to walk otherwise Tilly rebels and starts shooting filthy looks and flouncing about the house whilst sighing and harrumphing a lot.  This dog knows how to make a point.

Walking a dog every day is a funny business.  Sometimes you want to, sometimes you don't.  Sometimes you see lots of people out and about, especially if it's sunny but more often than not it's a solitary (and cold) occupation with maybe the odd fellow dog walker to shout a merry "halloo" to.

The good thing is that a healthy lifestyle is automatic with a dog because you have to walk them every day, you have to, them's the rules!  And so each day regardless of how I'm feeling I will walk between two and three miles.  I won't say I go fast but an old fella did shout "it's not a race" at me once so I must keep up a fair old pace.

Not all the baby weight has gone, there is still a tiny packet of bulge that won't give up the good fight, but I feel good and all my old clothes fit including my beloved skinny jeans so if you want to know the secret of keeping fit and staying a healthy weight....get a dog!

There are levels of fitness though, yesterday I was trotting along feeling really springy when, out of nowhere, another woman with a baby sped past me.  I say sped because she was on in-line skates but in fact she sort of flowed right past, rhythmically swishing and swooshing.

Now, I'm not the type of girl to make comparisons, nor do I feel like I have to keep up with anyone, especially in the mad world of Stepford Mums but this was one fit mama!  She was dressed in a white and black skin tight lycra running outfit, she was fully head-banded up and she was on it.

I knew that her royal waftiness had ruffled my feathers because immediately I looked down and noticed that I had baby food on my top and for the first time ever I cared.  In fact I licked my finger and started frantically scrubbing at it.  Of course this also happened to be the day that my pushchair was broken and so I was using our naff, pink travel buggy.  The day I had a minging pair of old jogging bottoms on.  The day my hair was scraped back and I hadn't put some face on.  Blah, blah.  Typical innit?

Well, these things happen.  I brushed myself off, looked down at my girls and realised that it didn't matter that I can't roller skate or wear lycra and whilst a bit of lippy wouldn't go amiss, it really isn't the be all and end all.

I then rounded the corner and saw lady lycra struggling in ungainly fashion to get up a hill in her skates whilst pushing a pram.  Oh happy day.