pretty baby dresses

I'm so glad I had a baby girl because I love baby dresses.  How can you not love this dress?  It's my favourite and Betsy looks like a tiny, vintage princess in it.

Mind you, she did poo all over it the first time she wore it. In spectacular fashion, in her car seat which I then discovered did not have a removable cover.  The joy of cleaning up an awkwardly placed poo!

Most of Betsy's dresses come from her nanny who has an eye for a pretty baby dress, good job too seeing as she has three grand-daughters to clothe for the next sixteen or so years!  She gave us one which is so pretty I don't think I'm going to be able to put her in it. That's right, it's unwearable because it's too darn pretty.  I mean really. Look at it.

Currently it hangs on the back of her bedroom door doing its job and looking lovely.  There it will remain until a suitable occasion arises (she is not wearing this to Tescos!) and cripes if she poos in it, I will actually cry.

Obviously she has her knitted dress from mama and I'm currently looking for my next knitting project as have nothing on my needles....quelle horreur!  Whilst scooting around looking for inspiration I saw this beauty at Boden.

I love the idea but I'm not sure about executing the yoke and pockets.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that many stripes having been stripe averse so far in my knitting life - bloody lovely though.

This post could go on forever but I should go and get dressed given that it's nearly quarter past ten!  Thankfully it's a bit cooler today so I might actually put some strides on.

ps. royal baby name prediction, my guess is George and I'm sticking with it even though I think Prince James sounds better.