a room fit for a pixie

It has taken me ages to get Betsy's room looking lovely and fit for a pixie.

I still think it needs some work,  there are serious curtain issues going on in there for a start, but I'm happy with it now.  It looks pretty.  Which is exactly how a little girl's room should look isn't it?

Her picture was a present from her uncle David and is called 'little song bird', this week we have renamed it 'little shriek bird' as she has learned to scream.  High pitched banshee screaming in your ear all day long, lawd she just shrieks whenever the feeling takes her and it's not bloody funny, although you give her the look, you know, the look , and she just laughs in your face...haha I love her, she is ace!

Springtime throw has pride of place as it bloody well should given how long it took me to make the darn thing.  And she will like it, or else.

I have tried to keep the crochet stuff to a minimum, been slightly put off having recently seen the brilliant British film Sightseers, you need to see the film to see what I mean though, it's a good un and very funny.

So that's your lot.  Little snapshots of the pixie's room.

I've got lots to do today so I must dash and scratch my giant mozzie bites - who, just who thought it was a good idea to go walking in the forest yesterday with bare arms and bare legs - good GOD the mosquitos were the size of parakeets!