oh my cuff - new colours

Oh my.

Cuffs in new and muted colours will be in my shop soon i.e. when I can get off my backside for long enough to do it - yes, then.

These softer colours from Rico are super.  I normally go for brighty brights or pretty pastels and never usually delve around in between the colour spectrum so I'm pleasantly surprised how much I like them. 

This yarn is shiny, cool and perfect for making crocheted or knitted jewellery.  I'm trying my hand at a knitted necklace with it and a new, chunkier cuff pattern too, soon to be known as 'Oh my biggy cuff'! Yo.

I've been inspired by Grace Hamilton  this week.  She creates the most funky yarn jewellery I have ever seen.

Her creations are like works of art, I can only stare slack-jawed in awe of this master at work.

I wonder how big her crochet hook was for this yellow and grey beauty.  Freaking awesome huh?

I'm not sure biggy cuff will be able to compete but it's good to gawp, even better to dream (especially when you see how much she charges for these beauties!!) go Grace go!