A knitted dress for Elizabeth

It is done.

My first knitted dress for the little lady.

I'm so chuffed to have actually finished a knitted something that:

a. isn't a scarf, and

b. actually looks nice

because everything I've attempted to knit before has been a bit rubbish.  I so wanted to make my girl something pretty and I feel like I've really gone and done it.

I think the loveliness of the finished product is firstly down to the pattern, which is massively popular on Ravelry and secondly it's down to the yarn I used, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which is "oh my goodness" really, really nice.

It hasn't all been plain sailing.  I started off using a different yarn...

......and bloody well ran out.  GAH! So annoyed, had to make sure I breathed deeply and started all over again, ALL OVER AGAIN!

Second time around turned out to be a little easier in fact, yep, really.  I kind of knew what I was doing and the cashmerino wool was softer than my first effort and a little easier to knit with.  I did make some mistakes; somehow both the underarms went a bit squiffy, in fact one ended up with a big hole (!) and my increases down each side are a little wonky but heck nobody's perfect are they? Are they?

Once finished (and I was like phew), I finished it off with a single crochet around the neckline and some lovely, pretty pink buttons. I did manage to fix the squiffy underarms when I was sewing in all the ends so it does look finished off perfectly...well I think so anyway.

It's a touch big for Elizabeth at the moment, I still put it on her this morning for a photo shoot but she failed to be impressed.  She's not about sitting down and posing at the moment, its all about crawling, falling, banging, grabbing, putting everything in her mouthing...argh!

Oh my gosh though she is darn cute.

If you knit then I would recommend making one of these pretties because you, and the girl you make it for, will love it.  If you can't knit and really want one then let me know and I might consider making you one(!!) pah, not sure I mean that, I don't think I could stand the pressure!