a vintage crochet collar

It's official.  I have a collar fetish and I'm in need of some therapy.

It's driving Darren insane, he hates the damn things and I keep on making them, and loving them and just, well, hanging them up around the house and taunting him with them!

I made this collar a while ago and it's been sitting in my basket waiting to be worn/photographed/blogged about/sold for ages and ages and I finally sorted myself out, added a cute pearly button and now I'm getting it all ready to list on Etsy.

I'm catching up on stuff whenever I get a chance and trying to get myself organised so that I can have a full year of dedicated crochet action.  My resolutions this year - yes I do them every year and yes I do believe in their power - include selling something.

Yes, just one thing, no plans to take over the world yet, just lots of ideas and dreams to turn into reality.  I'm going to list on Etsy first and also look at Folksy. If I thought I could make up enough stock I would love to have a stall somewhere, not a permanent one but maybe at a village fete or a vintage fayre or something, with pretty bunting and one of those little metal money boxes. It's good to dream.

Anyway I found this vintage pattern from the 1950s ages ago, I can't remember where I found it so must find the original source and put a link up.  I tried it out, played around with it a tad - but not too much as I wanted to keep it as originally vintage as possible and voila! I made it in a really pretty pink mohair first and gave it a cream edging, lovely but that darn mohair sure do make me itch!!

I would like to do a tutorial and share the pattern so everyone can make these gorgeous things, I'll sort myself out soon I promise so keep your eyes peeled. Betsy has just woken up and is demanding attention....like...NOW!