three months

My name is Emma, I am Betsy's mama and I love my new job.

It's awesome!

Now it is a cliché to say it's been the best three months of my life but it really has.  It's also been the scariest, funniest, most knackering three months of my life and nothing, nothing at all will ever be the same again.  Hurrah!

What can I tell you about Bets.  She is a dreamboat.  She sleeps through the night already, she smiles a lot especially first thing in the morning and her first smile of the day is so brilliant that we fight to be the one who steals it.

She now weighs just over 11lbs even though her eating is a bit hit and miss, she coos at Tilly and has giggled for her daddy.  She's getting good at holding her head up and loves to sit and watch the telly...which is horrifying but quite funny at the same time.

She sucks her thumb (which is really cute) and looks good in stripes.  She is very long and has big brown eyes.  She looks so much like her daddy that people actually feel bad about saying it and do so with sympathy in their voices as if I mind so terribly.

I climb into bed every night and pull her moses basket closer because I like hearing her snuffle and move around, I think I shall let her move into her own room when she is about sixteen!!

Being a mama is such a privilege, this girl has my total devotion for ever.  Now, I think the hoovering might be a bit overdue....must go see to that!