crocheted baubles

I've been a bit scatterbrained of late and I don't mind admitting it.

That girl of mine just consumes me, I am totally in love and could spend hours, literally hours (I mean it) just staring at her cute face or listening to her coo and gurgle.  She is a tiny bundle of awesome.

Also, Christmas is happening and I love Christmas.

We are reaching Christmas crochet saturation point in this house especially with these crazy baubles which have been reproducing at a spectacular rate over the past few weeks.

I love them, they are pretty.

I would like to keep them all but I suspect that would lead me on the road to Grinch.  Instead they are all off to new homes, a big batch went off last weekend and yesterday and now we only have a few left - our baubletree is not looking quite so baubley this morning!