the veg box

I finally gave in to the lure of the organic veg box.

I've had one before (a very long time ago) but you do tend to throw lots away unless you are prepared to plan, and I mean PLAN like a crazy horse, your meals around what's in your box.

Annoyingly I live in the middle of some beautiful countryside but there doesn't seem to be any/many farm shops in the area, the only one anywhere nearby belongs to Prince Charles! Imagine.

So unable to go out and get my organic veg I thought I'd give the veg box delivery another go after finding Abel & Cole. I love their dedication to organic, local producers and healthy eating and their website is lush. So We are now the proud owners of a medium fruit and veg box which is delivered, along with a loaf of wholemeal bread from the Authentic Bread Company, every Monday.  Veggie heaven in a cardboard box.

We have had cabbages and kiwis, bananas, potatoes and an unfortunate misunderstanding with some chard!   We have become a bit greener and definitely more organic and it does force you to eat much more veg, obviously!

We also get little treats from time to time, this week we had a free mini mince pie (which Darren scoffed), a Christmas recipe book and some eggs!

Does anyone else veg box?  It does take some organisation, as does blogging, this particular post having been started way before Elizabeth was born.