pregnancy at 41 weeks

Don't even speak to me.

Don't even think that I am capable of a nice chat or pleasant conversation.

I am not.

I'm in a massive moody.  Not a good frame of mind for squeezing out a baby, chatting, blogging or doing much else really.

I also suffered from a four day long migraine at the end of last week and the weekend!  Four days!!!!  No painkillers!!  I was in a foggy universe quite similar to hell and it just wasn't fair!

Today I'm feeling a bit better but the midwife is coming this morning.

The midwife is coming to do a sweep! Gulp!

I have heard many tales of the legendary and mystical "sweep" and now it's my turn.  Not looking forward to it to tell the truth but then having someone 'sweeping' your cervix on a Tuesday morning at home is never going to be the cause of much celebration is it?

I'm trying to see the funny side and picturing her getting out a teeny tiny broomstick with which to complete her task, but even this mild amusement is not working.

I will also today be given an induction date, which might make me feel a bit better, at least then I'll know an end date is in sight, although I would prefer not to be induced.  At the moment it just feels like this baby is stubbornly staying put, there is nothing going on....NO. THING.

And yes we have tried all the top tips from everyone (and thank you for all your advice), I even made Darren drive very fast down a very bumpy road on Sunday, he was slightly concerned for my mental health and still......NADA!

On a positive note, it has to happen soon.. right?

I can't wait.

In the meantime I shall sit here with my cup of tea and wonder for the millionth time;

"what does a contraction actually feel like?

how will I know when to go to hospital?

how the devil am I going to squeeze a baby's head out my queen victoria??

how long will it last?

am I going to cope with the pain?"

Of course I am and if not then I'll say F*** it, scream my head off for an epidural, lie back and think of England!